Samsung I7500 mustymod ROM (Android 2.0) v1.02a

Samsung I7500 mustymod ROM (Android 2.0) v1.02a

Ecco la nuova versione della tanto attesa rom per Samsung Galaxy con Android 2.0 ad opera di mustymod.
L’articolo completo lo trovate qui.

Segue un estratto:

v1.02a Changelog (13/01/2010)
– Fixed external sdcard detection and modified settings.apk to support external sdcard
– Headphone support added
– Accelerometer (orientation), compass and proximity sensors added
– Modified homescreen to support screen orientation
– Experimental optimal performance and power saving modifications to kernel

Known issues:
– Handsfree is not working yet.
– Bluetooth, camera, gps and lightsensor not working.
– Gallery app missing. (Google didn’t give us a gallery yet)
– Calendar sync never stops. (I hope newer version from google will solve this. Disable auto sync from settings)
– No 3D support

Next release plan:
– As much features as i can, so it may take more time smile.gif

ROM: mustymod_Eclair_v1_02a.rar

Ottimo lavoro mustymod, continua così! 😉

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